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Will Billboards Work For Me?

The real question as to whether billboard advertising will work for you is dependent upon you evaluating some things about your business and why customers choose you. There are 3 alignments that we like to look for, beyond price, and they are….

Target Audience alignment:

Billboards are a mass-medium. Everyone drives. A lot. While there are certainly zip-codes or commuter arteries that provide demographic profiles, over all, we are primarily a medium that doesn’t discriminate between different types of people. On the other hand, websites, for example, are specialized offerings to specialized target audiences. If you’re selling the Bug catcher XJ2000, market it on bugs.com. But if you’re selling commonly purchased items like dinners, cars, furniture, and affordable houses, then choose an advertising vehicle that has broad reach and frequency. If this is true of your business, we have our first “fit.” Billboards have outstanding reach and frequency capabilities.

Geographic implications:

Next, we are a geographically relevant medium. Very often, businesses draw approximately 85% of their business from a 15-20 mile radius. If this is true of you, we have our 2nd fit. Billboards are always geographically relevant!

Strategy method:

What will it take to be influential to your target audience? Major trust? Pure awareness that something is available? Price? Brand? Location? Top of the mind awareness? All in all, you have ONLY six seconds to tell your story with billboard advertising. While many billboard advertisers only use billboards to tell one part of their overall story, either way, whatever message you would ever put on a billboard cannot ever be too complex a concept or too involved an explanation or it will fail. But, if your business really has some awareness needs, price advantages, or location liabilities, and this message can be communicated in six seconds, why in the world would you spend far more money to reach far fewer people? --Especially when billboards will do it for the very least—at only $2 for every 1,000 exposures. So, do you have a six second story that will influence a decision to buy? If so, then we have our 3rd alignment.

Questions? Please feel free to ask me!

Eric Murr
General Sales Manager


"I am very proud to share with you that our outdoor program is working very well. We have expanded our outdoor program significantly and have made it a permanent part of our media budget."

Dealer, H&H Chevrolet, Pontiac & Cadillac

"We just concluded an evaluation of our billboard program and thought I would share with you our findings. Our results were pretty amazing..."

Director, Community Relations, Lutheran Home Care & Hospice, Inc.

"While some types of advertising work better than others, I really feel that our billboard program delivers the most effective results."

Franchise Owner, Subway

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