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You have six seconds to tell the world your story.   Six seconds to get their attention, to create a lasting memory.  Challenging yes, but entirely possible…..and that’s where I come in!  My name is Christy, I’m the Creative Director here at Kegerreis.  I work with an amazing team of artists dedicated to creating billboards that capture attention.  We combine research done over the years with fresh, innovative ideas to create effective outdoor design.  We’ll help you choose the right colors, pick intelligent images, and create a message that captures the essence of what makes your business stand out.    Great design, featured on Kegerreis billboards, will guarantee a reaction.  I’m excited to work with you on your next project!

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We used bright colors and simple text to keep this design vibrant and easy to read. Outdoor functions best when the copy is simple and the word count is small. This board gets it right!
Bear Signs [ Enlarge ]
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Two colors against a gray and white background - let your product do the talking! By using different colors in the websites, we separated the text in an easy to read way. Bedford Chrysler and Bedford Jeep both get recognition.
Bedford Chrysler [ Enlarge ]
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Can you communicate what you are about without listing every single thing you do/offer? The answer is YES! Emphasizing a feature is good, but emphasizing the benefit of that feature is even better. Connecting emotively with your clients ensures that your message will stick long after they've seen your board.
Bitner-Henery Insurance[ Enlarge ]
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Penn State Mont Alto keeps it simple with I-81 advertising. You can get a Penn State degree right in Franklin County! The Nittany Lion, an enduring symbol of Penn State Pride, is in the center of this board.
Penn State [ Enlarge ]
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Families with kids know that pizza is usually a winning option, and the plainly stated price for 2 Large Pizzas is a great message for the client!
Brother's Pizza [ Enlarge ]
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Billboards need to be simple; bus shelter ads even more so. This bus shelter design gets it right with a simple branding message. Location, car selection and website are easy to see and read.
Buchanan [ Enlarge ]
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Create a need! Plant an idea in a potential customer's mind…something they've been wanting to do, wanting to have, perhaps something they've never considered before. This client supplied their own pictures of people jumping - even better!
Skydive Center [ Enlarge ]
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Speak directly to your client; the family that is making the tough decisions. This board specifically targets the younger generation with the message. Simple imagery, simple message.
Menno Haven [ Enlarge ]
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Using a call to action message and compelling imagery make this board work! It captures the eye and directs clients straight to the website. Less is more, and this design gets it right.
Christian Caine [ Enlarge ]
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Create a question. Do you__________? Drive straight to the audience, capture their attention. This board reinforces the advertiser's name twice: in the question it asks and in the answer below, along with the website. And all in 5 words!
Corkoo [ Enlarge ]
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Having an event that's a one-time deal? Digital is ideal for this; with multiple copy changes you have the opportunity to change your message easily to target the audience that's driving by. Keep the message simple and create the need, or in this case, the thirst.
Dilly's [ Enlarge ]
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Pools are about fun and family, and this board gets it right. Using creativity with fonts and word placement, this board captures the interest of children and their parents. Fun colors reinforce the message.
Flohr Pools [ Enlarge ]
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What kind of jobs? Go to the website! This board addresses the need and where to fulfill it using simple copy. The color green denotes a fresh start, fresh opportunities. You can speak to your target audience with only a few words; directing them to a website allows you to describe your product/offering more fully.
Franklin County Works [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
A catchy phrase, a compelling image. This board works in so many ways. There's nothing like a good tagline to stay in a potential client's head. Chances are, they will tell someone else about the catchy phrase they saw on the billboard as well…and you can now add word of mouth to your marketing efforts!
Gartenbery Jewelry [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
The license plate on the left and the statement on the right pretty much sum up the board. Get your tags on and hit the road! A simple website incorporating the business name is all the information a client needs to contact the business.
Sollenbergers [ Enlarge ]
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If your creative can create some curiosity, some "did I really see that?" in the mind of the client, you've just taken up residency in their thinking. Getting creative can be slightly risky, but it's worth it in the long run.
Good Ta Go [ Enlarge ]
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Using agency artwork can certainly enhance the look of your design. This design incorporates motion and energy with an amazing shot of the Cruze. However, the main message of the board is the incredible 42 mpg; the simple directional at the bottom tells potential clients where to find it.
H & H [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
This design incorporates several great elements; a tagline used across their marketing, pictures of actual staff, and a simple layout that features the new Civic. This client had photos taken of their staff and spread them out over multiple designs that all centered on the theme of "Making it Easy!" Simple and sincere.
Hagerstown Honda [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
This client gave us complete freedom to type out their name instead of trying to use their logo. Nothing was wrong with their logo, but it wasn't working with the simplicity of a bus shelter design. Logos can be great, but sometimes they are so "artistic" that they don't work well on a billboard design. By allowing us to lay this out differently, the name and what they do are easy to read.
Hopewell [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
This design was based on input from the school's student body. We found compelling imagery to go with the slogan chosen by the students, and we created a public service announcement that leaves an impression.
SHC SADD [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
This ad works for several reasons…it's a call to action, and it also makes the goal entirely possible. Enroll for $1 and fit your summer swimsuit!
Gold's Gym [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
This design evokes an emotive response in a potential client's mind…great memories of times past in the kitchen, cooking up something special. Instead of just driving home the fact that they are a huge kitchen building supplier, the advertiser relates to people. Create great kitchen memories, made possible at J&D Kitchens.
J&D Kitchen [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
Simplicty and a poignant message combine to make this board powerful. Using different font sizes, we emphasized the power and the importance of digital mammography.
Lewistown Hospital [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
Instead of trying to convey your entire product line, why not make yourself a destination point for dreams to come true? The same could be said for anything; furniture stores can become a place of comfort/relaxation, gyms are places of confidence building, etc. What benefits can you offer, vs. the typical features other places may have as well?
Ludwigs Jewelers [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
Using Italian phrases clues a potential customer in right away to the type of food and atmosphere this advertiser offers. Simple text and warm, inviting colors and imagery combine to make a compelling advertisement.
Mario's [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
Simple imagery can make a very powerful statement. We wrote and rewrote the slogan for this board, finally settling for a shorter statement. The visual does most of the work.
Meritus Health [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
Public service announcments needs to be attention grabbing and effectual. Speak directly to your audience, and make them pay attention.
PATT [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
Using the digital board can be ideal if you have several messages to convey. For Pfeiffer, we created multiple designs to not only detail the types of degrees but also their multiple locations, and the types of studies offered. Find out what digital can do for you!
Pfeiffer University [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
One good photo or piece of imagery can convey a world of wonder, which is the case in this board. The laughing fairy compells you to visit the festival; information is quickly laid out below the picture.
Renaissance Festival [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
Freedom, perfect weekends, family time…can be found at Ridersville Cycle. Powerful imagery tells the tale better than any screaming headline of product offerings.
Ridersville Cycle [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
This picture was sent to us from the Martinsburg Rotary Team; we put the letters on the blank pages and it was perfect! The vibrancy of the ad keeps the message front and center... join the team and make a difference!
Rotary [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
Shepherd University uses the excitement of a time lapse photo to bring energy to a small town and a university that offers a wide range of opportunities. Their theme of "Unexpected" plays perfectly into the different designs they have running. The website invites you to find out just what is Unexpected about Shepherd.
Shepherd University [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
This Community Theatre has seen fantastic response from the ads they have been running on billboards; it's a great way to announce upcoming productions that they are putting on. Keeping the board as simple as possible, as well as adding creative elements (the location in a ticket stub), helps brand their message.
CCT [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
A design that creates interest, that rouses curiosity, can be incredibly effective. The question is created from the statement, and it's answered directly below. What can your business do to increase awareness of what makes you stand out?
Steve Rics Law [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
Subway keeps it simple on this bus shelter design that is also on their traditional billboards. What a great marketing mix...a simple design that details several sure-fire offerings.
Subway [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
This client went to the trouble of finding out where many of their clients want to go…and they put it up on a board. If you're dreaming of Hawaii, Uniquest will get you there. A little research can give you a targeted message that wins.
Uniquest Travel [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
How do you compete with all of the other places offering your same product? Powerful imagery, and fonts that illustrate what you are offering. If a potential customer is in the mood for chocolate, you've just spoken directly to their need and told them where to find it.
Windy Knoll Farm [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
The local YMCA wanted to promote the fact that they were more than just a place to work out. We chose the pool message, using a picture with the arms extended to point directly to the Y…and to direct passerby to the place where they can find year-round swimming!
The YMCA [ Enlarge ]
Shook Home
We used real pictures of residents and staff, and created several designs to feature each one independently. The personal touch gives the boards warmth and honesty, and it's a great way to use different messages while keeping a cohesive look.
The Quarters [ Enlarge ]


"I am very proud to share with you that our outdoor program is working very well. We have expanded our outdoor program significantly and have made it a permanent part of our media budget."

Dealer, H&H Chevrolet, Pontiac & Cadillac

"We just concluded an evaluation of our billboard program and thought I would share with you our findings. Our results were pretty amazing..."

Director, Community Relations, Lutheran Home Care & Hospice, Inc.

"While some types of advertising work better than others, I really feel that our billboard program delivers the most effective results."

Franchise Owner, Subway

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